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Due to some personal reasons, this blog will probably be inactive for the next couple of days. I’m sorry for any inconvenience but I just wanted to give you guys some warning. Again, thank you for following and I’ll try my hardest to have things back up and running as soon as possible. x

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Anonymous: Do you think Kendall is deserving to be a model?






kendall is gorgeous, if she wasn’t connected to the Kardashians and was just a new pretty model I bet everyone would like her but she has baggage because of kim. She is her own person, she is not her sister and she shouldn’t be judged because of Kim that is unfair and stupid. You can’t say she isn’t fucking beautiful enough because has a better face than some models who are huge celebrities. She slays. 

so please don’t make me laugh


1. Who are you?
2. You shouldn’t assume that Kendall is being judged because of Kim. That is unfair and stupid.
3. Just because Kendall is pretty, it doesn’t mean that she has the skills of a great model. She photographs horribly and has no connection with the camera at all. Kendall also has a terrible, stiff runway walk. The only reason she books jobs is because of her name. She wouldn’t even be a model if she wasn’t famous.
4. “She slays”. Do you honestly know nothing about modelling? 

"she slays"

oh my gOD

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